SimpleLife Innovative Consultants W.L.L

Mission Statement

To help organizations in the health Industry build their own strategies to better serve the individuals and to create innovative ways to simplify their life by utilizing best practices and latest IT solutions to reach a VIP customer experience at a lower cost

Our Aim

Support and relief patients and clients from the anxiety and stress that is associated with the medical treatment and assist providers and payers to provide a different patient experience before, during and after admission and to take away any unnecessary tasks in relation to the medical and clinical service thus enabling Providers to be dedicated more on the clinical quality and less on administration and operations We also intend to lower the existing medical bills cost by introducing products and IT solutions with maximum automation paralleled with improved processes and procedures

Our Commitment

Leverage our team experience to provide best customer service with the lowest cost to our clients which could be extended to their own customers and staff
Balance on how to provide a unique customer experience while not compromising on the quality of service
Provide compliant products as per each country laws & regulations which can serve our clients regional presence and expansion
Make sure we focus on one element while not neglecting or missing other elements or factors & to set our priority list right Spare no opportunity to improve ourselves & close gaps
Building a strong relationship between our team & Clients to satisfy the patient To improve members and patient’s life style. If we achieve that we would be helping them and at the same time reducing medical bill cost

Our Services

Designing, Building, Operating Apps & Websites

Business & Management Consultancy

Information Technology Advisors & Solutions Builders

Medical Solutions

Support Start-ups And New Ventures

Process Re-Engineering

Sales & Business Development

Project Management

Customer Service Support

Our Team

Diverse with our many years of experience our focus is to take away all unwanted work pressure and let the Medical professionals be more focused and dedicated in providing best Clinical care. We aim to provide easy products to support our partners and deliver a seamless Customer experience when using our service through our application.

Devoted with International, regional and local experience in multiple countries in Customer service, Providers Relations, Insurance, IT, and Quality Assurance

Dedicated Experienced team in Health Insurance, IT, Operations, Hospitality who understands the client and member needs & is able to translate these needs into easy comprehensive compliant solutions regionally to address local markets at the same time.

Our Products

Simply MedBooking is a convenient 24/7 easy way of life to book your provider appointment, and search the provider network in only few minutes from your phone, pad or laptop
It goes beyond a standard booking tool as it connects Patients and Medical Professionals together, exchange experience and helps Doctors in taking decisions for the best clinical and medical quality
Our Directory & booking system also helps individuals, travelers, students and residents to search and find providers near them in case of emergency with more than 70,000 providers World Wide in our network

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Our address

  • Al Tajer Building 2582
  •     Office 12
  •     Road 3647
  •     Block 0436 Al Seef District
  •     Manama
  •     Kingdom of Bahrain


Geographical Presence

We currently operate in the Kingdom of Bahrain where we chose Bahrain to be our Head office for us to expand into the region and beyond


We believe in Simple, Creative & Flexible Applications.

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